Using of virtualization technology without backup system can be extremely dangerous!
Any failure can stop all the virtual machines for a period of repair and can lead to data loss.
Backup storage with a single RAID system solves this problem just partly, and adding of the extra storage dramatically increases the price.

Highly reliable virtualization solution for everybody

Highest reliability is based on special technology of server duplication. The hardware part of the system consists of two servers that duplicate data on the fly and can quickly (within 15 minutes) replace each other. This technology provide an effective usage of server hardware resources.


High reliability Cluster SkyCover Infrastructure

For any applications

Due to synchronous data replication, the cluster has no restrictions for any software and databases and does not require any additional software or licenses.

Made for business

Small company can focus on the cost, and big ones - on performance. The reliability in both cases is always high!

Affordable cluster for Small Businesses

We have made a deployment of a sophisticated technology for server’s synchronization simple. Now it fits any equipment and any businesses.

Business benefits

Reliable protection against hardware failure

All servers and data are duplicated.

You do not need any additional storage

The storage system is built in servers, which is an equivalent to two storage systems with synchronous replication.

Possibility of installation at long distance

Software Standard Edition allows you to install servers in different locations at a distance of up to 300ft (or more, using the optical channel). A special package enables synchronising of servers data at a distance of 30 miles.

Can be installed in hard to reach locations

Because of the server’s duplication technology, a system administrator can restore the system to work for remote access even in case of the complex problems with the network.

Benefits for engineers

Installing one cluster node takes only 15 minutes

Easy to install with standard configurations for 1,2,4,6 and 8 RAID disks.

Once installed, the cluster is ready to use

Automatically sets up more than 50 system settings to improve performance, reliability and convenience.

Wide compatibility list

You can use any kind of servers: majority brand or solutions based on inexpensive desktop processors. It allows you to choose the system needed for your tasks.

Distribution is user-friendly for beginners and convenient for professionals

Ready to operate network infrastructure based on the SCI-CD cluster and can be deployed in just 1 hour (starting with the installation of two units).