SkyCover Company

Founded in 2004.

Our mission
Making high technology closer to companies of any sizes.
We create high-quality high-tech products based on open source software.

Our work

We produce high availability clustered server systems, backup solutions, solutions for the deployment of the IT infrastructure on a turnkey.

Our solutions are used in banks, the energy sector and the public sector.

We post our code under a free license

This means that we provide source code and do not limit its use (only by requiring any modifications transmitted to third parties, also accompanied by the transfer of the source code and equal rights to it).

These are the rules of the strongest of the world technical communities - free software community. As a result of these rules more professionals may take part in the testing and developing cycle than in traditional one.

  • Professionals using our program will receive a handy tool and easily adapt it to fit the individual needs;
  • Beginners will also get acquainted with a new technology in detail;
  • IT companies can become members of our affiliate network and get access to our commercial programs;
  • All users of our software will be able to use the services of our partner network to get advice, service and support.