scduply - is a backup system designed for easy and cost-effective backup of the data to any type of storage via Internet, from a simple ftp to Amazon S3-class services.

Scduply is ideal for VPS backup copy on Linux (for example - sites) and on Windows (for example - a terminal server, including a file database, and Outlook folders).

Key features


The incremental backup sents only different pieces of the file. Convenient for big logs and databases.

Encryption on client-side

Before sending, all data is encrypted by GPG program. Therefore, even if the third party has the access to the location, it can't acquire the data without the private key.

Easy Windows installation

Windows installer does everything itself. More over, the Windows version contains patches for fast and stable operation.

VSS Support for MS Windows

Supporting Snapshots, allowing to copy databases, Outlook pst-files and other changing objects.

scduply - is free software

The software consist of three components:

  • scduply - version for Linux and other *nices.
  • scwin - version for Windows with installer
  • scdw - web interface to control scduply and scwin

The documentation and source files of scduply, scwin, scdw are published on SkyCover Technology Portal.

While developing it, we are focusing on it's usage in commercial projects, in particular, developing and supporting the Windows-version of the system.

This program is designed by SkyCover Company, based on products duplicity and duply.

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