The commercial licenses for SkyCover products are sold by partners.
The licenses allow customers to receive support from the participants of the affiliate network.

Partners receive product discounts, marketing support,
as well as technological support.

Partner status


Become a partner
  • It allows to sell SkyCover products
  • A discount for SkyCover software
  • A possibility to sell the product on their own equipment
  • A possibility to use SkyCover service partner for the implementation and support
  • Placing company in the partners directory
  • License "not for sale" and the assistance in getting acquainted with the products

Service Partner

Become a partner
  • It allows to provide services to maintenance SkyCover products
  • All possibilities of the reseller partner
  • The reward for services for the implementation and support of the software
  • A possibility to receive orders from SkyCover company customer service
  • License "not for sale" for the development of add-ons and integration solutions
  • The support from SkyCover center of competence with the maintenance of products

How to become a partner?

Status "Reseller"

Suitable for the software vendors, system integrators and computer companies engaged in customer service without an experience in the implementation and maintenance of the SkyCover products. It allows you to use the product without any technological training, and get a commission from the sale.

To become a reseller, it's enough to send us a request and sign the contract afterwards.
If a reseller wants to supply products preinstalled on their equipment, our experts will carry out testing of the components for the compatibility and more appropriate work and teach for the proper installation.

If the reseller is engaged in a computer customer service, for the protection of his interests, for the implementation and maintenance of the product, we will provide a service partner who is not engaged in general computer maintenance. Additionally, a service partner signs an agreement, following which he cannot contract with a customer service reseller within six months after the expiration of a similar reseller agreement.

Status "Service Partner"

Suitable integrators and computer firms engaged in active using of the virtualization.
It allows you to get more profit from the use of our products.

To become a service partner, you have to sign a contract, and provide training and certification of your expert.
Complete training and certification by two means:

  1. As a reseller, take part in the implementation of the sold products and provide customer service of the products.
    In the course of this activity, learn and get certified.
  2. Set up opensource version of the product on your own equipment to perform the test tasks. Demonstrate their results to the specialists of the SkyCover competence center.

Become a partner